Space Age

Alexander McQueen SS 2010

This futuristic theme will definitely have an effect on trends this Spring. It seems weird to have "the future" be a theme, when it is defined as something we do not know, and cannot be predicted. But it is - all style sites are "predicting" trends for Spring 2010, and "futurism" is one of them. "Topics of science fiction are woven into the threads of some designers' clothing, while others base their designs on more traditional views of futurism".This futurism was also present in Karl Lagerfeld's design's with foil like clothing, and the allusion of plastics.

But I think this trend is very flexible, and will be something very fun to play around with. Metallic fabrics, robotic inspired silhouettes - you can just take this as extreme avant-garde fashion. Dealing with the trend of the future, it in fact isn't even here yet - so the trend, if taken this literally, has endless possibilities. Pairing these new unusual clothes with classics will be a fun experiment.

   Sass & Bide SS 2010                                     Louise Goldin SS 2010

Todd Lynn SS 2010                                           Matthew Williamson SS 2010

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