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I was recently given the book, "A Privileged Life: Celebrating Wasp Style", from my dad for xmas, which I'm pretty sure was a joke. I didn't know if there were any hidden innuendos that came along with the gift, but I found myself looking through the book enjoying the evolution of the "wasp". The book has images of Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Jackie O, and then preppy families on their green lawns of the Hamptons, advertisements including ones by J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, etc., to the description of WASP life-stlye and architecture, I never knew it was such a brand. It was a funny book to look through - but don't really know what to do with it now, below are some images via wasp style:

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Tom Molinaro said...

I came across this picture and your blog while doing research for an article I'm writing. I am not a WASP, but I've always admired them and still do. My parents were second generation Italian-Americans (I,myself, identify as European-American) we were the generation of so-called ethnics who were encouraged to learn to speak English perfectly and to assimilate to American culture (read, WASP culure: be responsible, courteous, self-sufficient, and productive. I am so happy my parents "knew the score" and I have bennefited from their teachings in many ways. I still believe we were better off as a country when people adapted those principles.
That all changed in the sixties, when some "geniuses" in government thought we had too many Europeans and then altered the immigration policy. Now we have a country of disperate elements and identity politics and a nation of victims. Just felt like sounding off.

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