LimeLight: Alex Prager

I feel slightly embarassed that I had to discover this AMAZING photographer in the plastic fantastic drama, nip tuck (all her photos were hung all around the office of mcnamara/troy) BUT I am grateful that I googled for long enough to find out who took the photographs. Her work is carfeully staged and styled in the perfect amount. They look like  modern movie stills, an upgraded version of cindy sherman. My favorites are below, check out her wesite:

oohh abbey

abbey lee in vogue does she always look so good? im still terribly jealous that she was photographed by richard prince, i want to be sexually exploited too! (not too brooke shields style though)

Image du Jour

It is the bum that will bring us togetherr....

Spencer Tunick's nude art installation, which involves 5,000 butts in front of an opera house- read more here

Model as Muse

Kate Moss even holds her status as a muse in the art world - Moss keeps on showing us that she is more than a vapid, skinny model.The images below are all by esteemed artists:
-first image is the icon wearing the recognizable signature of Warhol by Banksy
-second image is by great British artist, Tracey Emin
- third image is by amazing figurative artist, Lucian Freud
-forth image is by Chuck Close