What does Street Style really mean?

Street Style: it' all about the street and all about raw style - but this uncooked fashion trend has recently become easily predictable. I find certain personal style and street style photography blogs unexciting now because of their obvious premeditated material. There does not seem to be that much surprise anymore. Street style has even become a trend - a complete oxymoron. Spring's eclectic magpie look comes directly from the inspirational influence from 'the street'. I love personal style, I do, it is a great way to characterize oneself, etc. - but now that it is becoming a more commercial matter, the unique quality seems to be lost. It doesn't make sense that there is a definition of how to have 'the street style look'. Street style should invoke an enigmatic manifestation. One blog that has the perfect attitude about the new crazed combination of street and style is Garance Dore's blog. The chic Frenchie has inspired copious fashion editors and her 50,000 viewers of her blog each day. In her spread in Interview, she talks about the monotonous street style imagery that has recently been dominating the infinite amount of blog space. She understands the true inspiration factor - and also gets a couple tips or two from her photographer boyfriend, Scott Schuman, the creator of The Sartorialist. I loved her quote from the interview when she says that Scott sees the photographs he is going to take, but she creates her own composition. They are definitely the 'cool' couple of the moment - the two of them with complete hegemony over the fashion blog scene. It almost seems like the blog world will someday take over the magazine industry (but this would take a very long time). You can't define style, but you can define a trend. 

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