Good People: Anna Piaggi

Young Piaggi and Lagerfeld

Known as an eccentric style icon and an Italian fashion writer, Anna Piaggi's image is one of my favorites. The magazines she has written for include, Vogue Italia and Vanity, and she is known for beautiful double paged spreads, by a creating montage-like narratives with her own edge and personal sense of style included. She is never seen in the same outfit once, and this is made possible by her extensive collection of clothes,  which includes "2,865 dresses and 265 pairs of shoes", according the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, from their exhibition about her in 2006. I remember going to this exhibit, when my family and I visited London for the first time, and this was when I first fell in  love with everything about her. She is also known for working with designers in the 70's, such as Karl Lagerfeld and Manolo Blahnik, who prolifically sketched her as their muse. This is what I want to be like when I am her age - too tired to care about opinions and trends, and to ultimately unleash the untamed fashion urges within. Below are some of my favorite images of her:

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