Fells/Vera's House

Here are a couple of my "rusty" pics you could say. I went to do the habitual thing to do on a summer day - go for a walk with Vera in the fells, and sit by the water. I had my camera, and could not stop from looking at everything as a potential work. Then I found this distracting, and stopped trying to look for "cool lighting", "ironic placements", and "non-cliche" ways to portray the woods - I took all of this out of my mind and just focused on what I liked, not what I knew might take a good picture. SO! maybe in fact all of these picture are SHIT - but it was my first test run with the camera, and I am starting to see a theme in my work.....but i do not know what it is exactly - if YOU SEE IT, LET ME KNOW!

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