Cape Cod Colors

First weekend back from Bard College, and I was whisked away to Cape Cod with my family for Memorial DAy weekend. Our house in Barnstable is lame, one could say. All contractors that come to the house (because it is in definite need of a fix-up) just say to tear the whole thing down. Parents have been avoiding this demolition for now two years - and the conclusion has finally come. The house will be torn down August 2009. 

So its presence needed to be redeemed I thought. I had my camera with me and found myself finding places around the house that I have never even noticed before. The Cape sun hit the freshly mowed lawn with dainty fingers, delicately licking up the chopped green. Left-overs from the rain dinner left puddles of inspiration, etc. 

It's just a strange aesthetic one feels upon entering our cape house. It's mysterious, and looks as if it might fall apart at the seems. And then, for some irony, it is surrounded by neighboring monsters of summer houses! Mechanically impressive summer instigators for some, but no charm for others. Taking a walk around Sunset Lane, one is engrossed by the dewy air and misplaced subjects. It is a street of outsiders, washed ashore people bringing everything that belongs with them on a summer vacation, but cant fit with the pleasing sight of their house. I tried to capture the angles that excited me in taking a walk around the walk, and I also tried to capture the things that just didn't seem to fit, almost ruined everything I thought of the cape. But it cannot be ruined. There is no way. Beauty lives and breaths through sand on feet, cape cod licks this exposure on us, and sticks the sand to more places in us. 

So here is the collection of pictures that, I feel, best describe the houses farewell. 

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