From the adorable and amazing swedish blond blogger Kling, I have found my winter matter how many pennies will need to be pinched, squeezed, WHATEVER, I will get this coat:
oversized with batwing sleeves and 100% wool from Acne
suede shoes by Repetto from one of my new favorite sites to shop from and soon go to, Creatures of Comfort

and finally the Stine Goya Landscape Coat from SURPRISINGLY.....Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is finally going through puberty but is starting to act like Opening Ceremony, which they will never actually be able to compete with. UO has been a great surprise the past month for me. The other day online, looking through the usual rudimentary lookbooks and cheap leather shoes, I came across this amazing cape...and then I looked at the price, over $600 - I thought it was a mistake. 

UO has added a whole new roster of 'cutting edge' (for UO) designers with a surprisinly good selection of clothing. Some of the designers include Wood Wood, Carin Wester, and A.P.C., all of which I would never ever associate with UO. But my opinion has changed, and am currently stocking up on clothing that is finally decent but still  cost friendly

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