A Classic

In Annie Leibovitz's book, "A Photographer's Life", she shows the wide variety of her work. Known for being the token "rock photographer", from traveling and photographing along side the Rolling Stones. In this photo book, her skill of being a photographer with a wide artistic range is shown as well. She photographs Bill Clinton, R2D2, The White Stripes, her children being born, William S. Burroughs, to Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. Some favorites from the book below:

Leibovitz's portrait of Cindy Crawford is reminiscent to the work of Julia Margaret Cameron, and 
particularly her portrait of Alice Liddell (Lewis Carrol's muse for "Alice in Wonderland"). 
Another resemblance is Crawford's pose, which mimics Venus's composition in 
Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus":

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